Dorking Hens for sale

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Pure breed Dorking Chickens for sale. They are 5 weeks to 10 weeks old.All very healthy and treated for coccidiosis.

Feel free to call me on 0490375826 to arrange a time to come out and see our free range hens.

These are photos of the fully grown hens. We are located in Little River Victoria

Food, drinkers and feeders are also available.

Prices start at $25.00

Other Breeds that are also available are:
- Light Sussex

- Australop

- Silver wyandotte

- Gold wyandotte

- Speckled Sussex

- Rhode Island Red

- Barnevelder

- Dorking

- White Leghorn

- Silkies

- Barbu b Uccle

- American Game
1 Oct 2018
Little River Victoria