Naked Neck Pullets

  • Chickens Naked Neck Pullets
  • Chickens Naked Neck Pullets
  • Chickens Naked Neck Pullets
Lovely Naked Neck Pullets available. Not Purebred TNN.

Frizzle pullet $35
DOB 4/9/18

Brown Girl is POL (already started laying) $45

Pick up is 10mins out of Gin Gin Qld.

One thing I have noticed is, they would be our best layers of all our breeds here. Although I know that, the Naked Neck is a gene, that you can produce into any breed, my Naked Neck line I have here for egg production, produce twice as many eggs compared to all my other breeds, particularly during moulting time. They may not appeal to everyone, but beside their looks, they are very charming.

The naked neck chickens’ resilience makes it one of the best birds to keep in the Australian outback because this breed can withstand anything from harsh drought-plagued summers (we have had tops of 43°C here already) and blustery winter nights (experienced -4°C here already). Now, it’s important to note that although naked neck chickens can weather cold climates, they still need a little help from their loving owners. Ensuring that your chickens have a warm, draft-free coop is vital for any flock (not just naked necks, but all breeds generally require this).

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