Ova-Easy 190 Advance Cabinet Incubator

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Like its larger brother, the OVA-Easy 190 Advance incubator is designed to offer the best possible performance at very reasonable price. Each aspect of the design has been reviewed with this objective in mind to ensure that no other incubator available can give you so many healthy chicks for so little money.

Factory assembled - ready right out of the box
Digital display of temperature and humidity
Automatic temperature control in °F or °C fully factory calibrated
High and low temperature alarms
NEW Cooling feature
Programmable automatic egg turning - 30 to 180 minute intervals
High performance, flexible incubator with integral hatcher.
Large capacity, e.g. 192 hens eggs (including 48 integral hatching tray)
Clear, double-glazed observation door
Sturdy metal frame, energy efficient, insulated cabinet
Unique ‘laminar airflow’ to eliminate cold spots.
2 year warranty
INCLUDED FREE set of 3 universal egg trays with adjustable dividers to accommodate a wide range of egg sizes simultaneously Plus 1 covered hatching tray to prevent hatchlings from escaping. $90 value.
Options - Not supplied with the incubator - to be ordered separately:

Commercial style egg flats (chicken, quail, pheasant or goose) to maximize capacity
Advance Humidity Pump for fully automatic control of humidity
OVA-Easy 190 Advance
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