The Playhouse Chicken Coop (up to 8 chickens)

  • Chicken Houses The Playhouse Chicken Coop (up to 8 chickens)
  • Chicken Houses The Playhouse Chicken Coop (up to 8 chickens)
  • Chicken Houses The Playhouse Chicken Coop (up to 8 chickens)
Attractive and constructed of high quality, durable materials, the Playhouse Coop is proudly hand-crafted with care in the USA, using American-made parts everywhere possible. This particular coop features an open air design which will keep your hens happy and healthy! But it is also adaptable to all weather conditions so you can add panels to the sides for complete weather protection. And the top panels are clear so there will be plenty of natural sunlight coming into the coop. Also, because this coop is raised fifteen inches above the ground, your hens will have a spacious 30 square foot enclosed run to exercise in! Please see more details, below.

While we make every effort to ensure the product you purchase meets your expectations, the actual product may differ slightly from images and renderings shown due to enhancements and/or modifications made at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Product Features:

Dimensions at a glance:
Hen house footprint: 4' wide x 4' long
Hen house and run height (at peak): 5’-2” high
Run footprint and roof dimensions: 4' wide x 7-½’ long
Roosting bars: Two, each 4’ long
Height of run under hen house: 15” high
Nest box: 12” x 12”
Chicken ramp: 8” wide x 35” long
Chicken “door” opening (from coop to run): 8" wide x 12" high
Coop access door opening: 38” wide x 29” high
Two coop “windows”: each 38” wide x 12” high
Run door: 38”wide x 41” high
Materials at a glance:
Siding: unfinished southern yellow pine, exterior-grade (made in the USA)
Hen house floor: solid ¾” exterior-grade plywood
Lumber that touches the ground: ACQ, ground contact rated, pressure-treated lumber
Roof: Ondura brand roofing with a 25-year warranty (made in the USA)
Hinges and locks: "Exterior Weather Guard Coating" zinc-galvanized steel by Stanley Corporation
Wire mesh: 1/2" x 1/2" 19-gauge hardware cloth with black pvc coating
Quality-made in America
The manufacturer of this coop kit has been at it for years, designing, tweaking and refining cool-looking coops that meet the demands of the most exacting chicken keepers around the country. All materials are premium and residential-grade, designed to withstand almost anything mother nature can throw at them, and American-made materials are selected wherever possible.

Easy egg retrieval and easy to clean
The large rear coop door opens fully so you can access the inside of the coop easily. The nest box can be positioned close to the door for easy egg retrieval -- and having this big access door makes cleaning the coop really easy! All you have to do is place your wheelbarrow below the raised door, and rake the old bedding directly into it.

Easy breezy ventilation
Both of the side walls on this coop (top and bottom) can be opened up to expose the hardware cloth beneath for full ventilation. The ½” x ½” black pvc coated hardware cloth ensures predator-proof cross-ventilation, which is incredibly important to chicken health.

The bottom part of the side walls come with removable solid pine panels, and the top with removable clear polycarbonate panels. The polycarbonate is incredibly impact-resistant and durable. So depending on the climate where you live, you can adapt this coop to suit your needs!

There is also an incredible 28” above the roost bars in this coop which will allow your hens, large and small, to rest comfortably. But more importantly, this amount of space allows the harmful gases in the coop to rise up and out through the roof cap with ease -- improving the coop’s air quality for your hens!

A covered run for happy hens!
With 30 square feet to roam around in, your hens will be perfectly happy when confined to their run for a stretch of time. The included ladder makes it easy for your hens to enter and exit their run.

If that's not enough space for your precious hens, you may add on to the length of your run in 43” increments. Just select the additional run(s) from the options menu above. The additional runs come complete with a roof. Please refer to the 3-D drawings, to see what the Playhouse looks like with an additional run.

Even if you want to allow your flock to roam free, there will be times you'll want to keep them in the safety of the confined run. You might want to purchase half-inch hardware cloth and attach it to the footprint of your run (using zip ties or a heavy-duty stapler), to keep burrowing predators and rodents out, too. Others choose to put pavers all along the footprint of the run, and bury "apron" fencing to keep out predators and rodents but also allow their chickens full access to the dirt!

Nest Box
Your Playhouse Coop comes standard with one Nest Box to place wherever you like in your coop. One nest box is probably all you will need unless you are planning to allow a broody hen to raise chicks in your coop! If that is the case, then you may want to order an additional Nest Box to put in your coop so the rest of your hens have a place to lay their eggs.

Predator protection
Predator proofed windows, heavy-duty run wire and hardware, and locking latches keep rodents and all manner of predators out. The locking gate latch on entry points would be difficult for sneaky predators to figure out as it is, but if you want to add an additional level of protection, get yourself a carabiner or padlock for every access point.

This coop comes standard with a chicken "door" opening at the top of the ramp. Whether you add an automatic chicken door or not, it is important that you predator-proof the footprint of your run (by attaching half-inch hardware cloth, for instance) to keep out predators that dig.

Automatic door for busy owners
If you would prefer to have a closing chicken door on your coop, consider getting an automatic chicken door. You can order one separately from our website. They are terribly convenient because you don't have to let your chickens out in the morning or put them away again in the evening. Our automatic chicken doors are reliable and come with a variety of options!

Personalize it!
The Playhouse Coop is sided with exterior-grade southern yellow pine, unfinished, so you can put your own personal touches on your flock's new home! Stain it for a natural look, or paint it to complement your selected roof color: your choice.

There are also eight roofing colors to choose from. The colors Brown, Gray and Red are standard and at no extra cost. The colors Tan, Black, Blue, White and Green are custom colors that have an additional cost. Ordering a custom color will extend your delivery time by one week.

In your coop kit, you will receive all the lumber, roofing and wire mesh, pre-cut and pre-drilled. By email, you will receive detailed digital instructions. All you need to supply are: a screw gun, a hammer, a tape measure, wood glue, a face clamp, a 1/4" drill bit, a #2 square head bit, and a #2 Phillips head bit.

While you CAN put the coop together yourself, we recommend building it with a partner. It will take approximately eight hours to assemble this coop. Or you can make it a fun and leisurely weekend project!

What to know about shipping
Coop kits are usually shipped within two weeks of placing your order. Once shipped, depending on your location, your Playhouse Coop may take another week or so to arrive.

Once your coop arrives, please carefully inspect it prior to signing for it. The manufacturer insures each Playhouse Coop for the full purchase price, but they can't replace any missing or damaged pieces "free of charge" unless it is noted on the Bill of Lading that there is an indication of damage. Even if all you notice is that the wrapping on the pallet is not neat or is frayed, please make a note of it before signing for the coop, and notify My Pet Chicken right away. Damages must be reported to us within two calendar days of delivery in order to process a claim for damage or loss.

The coop kit will be shipped on one pallet on a truck with a lift gate, and it will be dropped at the end of your driveway. The pallet will be 42” wide x 48” long x 12” high and it will weigh 350 lbs. The coop materials will be wrapped in plastic and cord-strapped.

Please note: we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. We can only ship within the United States. Shipment of chicken coops is limited to the 48 contiguous states and not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories.

Returns & Cancellations
There are no cancellations on this product once it has left our warehouse due to the cost of shipping. Feel free to call us with your questions before you make a purchase so you're absolutely sure!
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